If you are visiting central Budapest for a two weeks business conference, or a month vacation with your loved ones, it is best you consider a short-term rental rather than lodging in a hotel to cut expenses. If you are wondering about the best places for short term rental, Central Budapest is the number one place to consider.

Central Budapest is the most sorted tourist destination in Hungary. You can unwind with sophisticated cocktails at captivating pubs after a long busy day. If you are looking for a pub near you, save yourself the stress by visiting So, what are the best places for a short term rental in Central Budapest?

The Castle district

Castle district is a top-rated destination not only in Budapest but entire Hungary. Thus, it should not surprise you that it is first on the list of the best area for short term rentals in central Budapest. This beautiful area implies relaxation and comfort. Renting an apartment here for a short stay is the perfect choice for any visitor.

budapest castle district

Belvaros Downtown

Belvaros Downtown is another best area for short term rental in Budapest right now. This area is the ideal vacation spot, and it offers stunning beaches, golf courses, pubs, and many more fun activities. Belvaorous downtown is a top tourist destination and a perfect area for a short term rental in Central Budapest.


Last on the list of the best area for short term rentals in Central Budapest is Terezvaros. This area is densely populated, and it is regarded as one of the liveliest places in central Budapest. Terezvaros area offers thrilling nightlife, natural beauty, social amenities, security, and wildlife that vacationers will relish. One of its popular landmarks is Budapest Opera House. Renting an apartment for a short time stay in this area is no hassle as there tons of options to choose from.

Budapest-andrassy ave