Google and other search engines rely on algorithms to bring top results to the users. The more you utilize or optimize your site for the algorithms, the more your site will appear on the top results, which is the best spot in the market. According to Search Engine Watch, websites that are on the top of search engine results grab up to 36.4% more views and traffic. Websites in the lower rank miss this opportunity.

Getting in the top search results has a huge impact on your brand. That’s why most professionals and brands, even realtors, are using SEO services to improve their customer base. But first, what is a realtor SEO service, and what role does it fill?

What is a realtor SEO service?

A realtor SEO is a service offered by SEO advertisers that is focused solely on the real estate industry. This service makes sure that your site stays relevant, easy to use, and consistent on different platforms. If you like to get more leads and stay at the top of your game, you will need to acquire services from an SEO service provider. Here’s how to get the best one that fits your business model and goals.

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1. The SEO service provider must have localized options

Since you’re a real estate agent, chances are, the majority of your prospective clients will be from the local settings. Unless you’re living in an ex-pat community, you will likely be dealing with people from your country. Usually, these people are planning to move or start a new life, or those who want additional properties. Your SEO realtor provider should know the relevant search terms which accompany the keywords used by your usual clients. If you put a website that is not relevant to your local customers, you’ve just created a paperweight investment.

2. Let the search engine show the result

SEO services are hit or miss; there are no standard implementations done by marketers. If someone is offering SEO service to you, one of the ways to test their service is by going to their sites, pick some of their testimonials, and test the site mentioned. If that website is on the first page of the Google search result, then it means that their SEO methods work. If the site is not listed on the first page, then you might want to find other SEO service providers to work with.

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3. Cost and packages

Some SEO service providers offer services that others do. This is because there are numerous ways to improve your website and increase traffic to your listings. Since Google changes its algorithms secretly, the SEO Company should not be afraid to try new things to boost traffic, too. Not all SEO marketing methods are born equal. And sometimes, what you’ll need to choose will depend on its strengths and weaknesses. You’ll also need to factor the cost and expenses which come with SEO packages.