If you can afford to buy a holiday villa or second property, you have the whole world to choose from. Many people are buying properties for sale in Spain, France, Cyprus and further afield. We believe that Orlando Florida offers advantages that other destinations cannot offer, making it one of the best areas in the World to buy a villa or investment property. The benefits include:

A legal system which is similar in ethos to that in the UK. The words may change but the sentiments are the same.

The strength of the Sterling pound against the US dollar. Even if this fluctuates, villas and condos in Orlando Florida are still good value for money.

The availability of management companies which make the process of buying a property and maintaining it from the other side of the Atlantic a realistic and even relaxed option.


The quality of construction and finish is high as the USA is one of the most discerning markets in which to do business. Building companies in Florida have big competition and so must deliver on property quality and price.

The potential for rental income from your investment is huge as there is an ever growing number of tourists travelling to Orlando Florida to visit the theme parks, shopping malls and golf courses.