Vacation Real Estate in America

One of the most significant trends that has developed in regard to real estate in the United States in the past twenty years revolves around vacation property. In the 21st century, a growing number of people within the United States — as well as an increasing share of real estate owners from abroad — are investing in vacation property.

Investment in vacation property generally is being seen to occur in two different areas. First, people both in and out of the United States are making purchases of second homes or vacation homes for their own usage. (In some instances, these people do turn around and rent or lease out their vacation or second homes to other people during those segments of the year when they are not using the property personally.)

Second, men and women residing inside and outside of the United States can also be found investing in time shares in record numbers. A time share situation is one in which a person buys “time” in a piece of real estate. In other words, they are buying an interest in a particular piece of property that vests in the purchaser during a specified period of time each and every year. The time share market has been ballooning in recent years.


While some analysts predicted that the time share bubble was on the verge of bursting some time ago, as the 21st century progresses onward, an ever growing number of people continue to turn to time share arrangements as a means for them to acquire an interest in vacation or holiday property that they might not otherwise be able to acquire in the absence of a time share arrangement or situation.