Everyone that knows Toronto well will tell you that some neighborhoods are tailor-made for living in a condo. Furthermore, if you ask them to name a few of those neighborhoods, they will mention Liberty Village.

They will also tell you that getting in and out in Liberty Village during rush hour can be quite challenging. But then again, that’s something common about pretty much all other downtown neighborhoods nowadays.

Here are the top five reasons we believe that buying a condo in Liberty Village is a good idea.

1.     Great location

People love that Liberty Village is so central that it is super easy to get downtown very fast. Plus, all the hippy west end neighborhoods such as Queen West are relatively near it. Liberty Street is parallel to King Street West, which means locals have access to the 504 streetcars.

2.     A wide selection of condos

There is an exceptional selection of Liberty Village condos for sale, from single-bedroom apartments to super-luxurious penthouses. The local condo market is a mix of refurbished heritage buildings and brand new condos.

Liberty Village Toronto

3.     It is a lively area

Liberty Village is excellent for those that want to live and work in the same area. It is a youthful and dynamic neighborhood busting with positive energy. Many of the local warehouses and local factories are now turned into startup and agency offices. Then there are the many hip eateries and charming coffee shops where locals like to hang out after work.

4.     Excellent investment opportunity

Liberty Village might be a great neighborhood for condo living, but it also presents a great investment opportunity. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the low city migration, and the economic recession, condo prices are relatively low. Plus, loan rates are record low as well. On the other hand, Liberty Village is the target for many young Canadians coming to Toronto to pursue white-collar jobs in high-tech, or are part of the startup community.

Liberty Village Toronto

5.     Everything one might need is there

Liberty Village is a synonym for urban living as it has all the amenities and services one can ask for. Pretty much every major bank has a branch there. There are numerous restaurants, coffee shops, parks, cinemas, open markets, yoga studios, hair salons, doctor’s offices, grocery shops, etc. There aren’t many things that condo dwellers cherish more than convenience. And convenience is the one word that significantly describes what it means to live in Liberty Village.

Most popular condos for sale in Liberty Village


In conclusion

The pandemic won’t last forever, and that’s something to bet on. Simultaneously, a coronavirus seems almost imminent, and many predict that it will be widely available at some point during the first half of 2021. In the meantime, condo prices in areas such as Liberty Village and low-interest rates are very attractive.

The question is, will you bet on the end of the pandemic, or you believe that we are bound for a long haul? If you think that the pandemic will end soon enough, then investing in a condo in Liberty Village might be the right move for you.