Almoradi is situated in the center of the Low, equidistant Fertile valley of Orihuela and Guardamar towns that lie in the Fertile valley and near to the Segura River. Almoradi is just twenty minutes from the coast and has a wealth of shops and facilities. Set in a valley famed for it’s orange and lemon groves yet only five minutes drive from the motorway.

After the 1829 earthquake, Almoradi was obliged to construct safer buildings and to plan the town with a view to minimizing the effects of any future natural disasters. There are several interesting architectural features in the village such as the Casino, the Church of San Andrés – with a Christ similar to the one presiding over Río de Janeiro – and the Ayuntamiento. Also of note is the Cortés Theatre, which puts on plays of national standing and is one of only two permanent theatres in the Vega Baja. The village is located near to the Segura River and enjoys rich farmland where artichokes are grown. A water tribunal presides over disputes between owners and imposes fines in Vellón reals (old Spanish coins).