International real estate investment is the recent trendsetters. Irrespective varied nationality, one can invest in any country of their choice. Globally countries are making amendments in law to make sure to attract as many as foreign investors spend in their country. Malaysia is no different. Any investor who wishes to buy Malaysia new homes would be glad to get a potential source similar to a real estate agent, who can actively advocate them in their most significant financial decisions.

Here goes some of the relevant queries and tips that help to choose your new home:

  • What is the location strategy to be considered while buying a new home?

If one has already decided upon the budget of his purchase, then he can move on to considering other things like a convenient place near to workplace that has good access to transportation infrastructures and other shared services.

  • What are the factors to think about while planning to buy the landed property?

Majority of the people opt for landed properties like a single or double-story terrace, or even a bungalow before other high-rise structures. However, the prices for the same can remain high as there exists the benefit of individually tilting the unit that is readily accessible. Along with this, the application for loan approval is also granted quickly.

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  • What flexibility are features connected with your home loan?

People usually face the uncertainty that if they could afford a new home mostly in the urban areas. However, the government and central banks offer special features to make your dream more affordable. This includes

  1. Extending the loan period to almost 35 years, especially if one is young at the time of making investments which means one needs to repay only a low value every month.
  2. Again, as a first-time home buyer, one can get up to ninety percent margin of the finance mortgage loan, though 20 to 30 percent has to be paid in cash and nearly ten percent goes for stamp duty, legal fees, and other loan-related document charges.
  3. Also, one can avail the mortgage scheme that suits him the best, and he can repay the loan while parallelly working to bring down the balance within the shortest possible period.
  • How to fix the budget for home?

Wisely decide upon the amount one can get from the bank as well as the amount one could afford to repay. It is indeed an important step because a home purchase is made for a lifetime. On the other hand, this could ruin the entire dream hunting experience of an individual.

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  • How to neatly do your homework?

Start the whole procedure by seeking advice from reliable and reputable real estate agents or other locals of your satisfaction. Never allow your decision to go only by market rumors or even by the unproven trends. Always stick to constant market research on the property type, area or so and also beware of associated hidden cost that would accompany with the purchase. Make sure that all these matches your financial capability.

As a prospective buyer, one should readily examine the physical status of the property. Notice if any major repair is required for the same. If one is happy with the property, then contact the auctioneer and obtain the corresponding Proclamation of Sale. After thoroughly going through the listed terms and conditions that may vary depending on the banks, request for the loans that could be settled within the timeline.