How Can I Buy a Property in Florida?

The process of buying properties for sale in Florida is similar to the stages in buying a home in the UK. The pitfalls are also similar. It is important not to over-stretch yourself financially, and to ensure that you can afford the deposit and subsequent mortgage. Having said that, we have been amazed at how efficient the builders, pool companies, furniture dealers and mortgage providers are at making it all happen in a short space of time. In our experience, most are keen to help. Buying a property in Orlando Florida involves the following steps:

If you do not intend to pay for the property in cash, check that you can provide the deposit and closing costs, and will be able to maintain payments on the mortgage.


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When you’ve checked you can afford the investment, view the information on properties for sale and developments in Orlando on our web site to determine the type of property or villa you would like to buy. The availability of property changes on a daily basis, and we can let you know what is currently available and what is likely to be available when you visit Orlando. Complete the enquiry form requesting information on Florida villas and we will ensure you receive the correct information about suitable villas, condos and resale homes.

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Arrange an inspection visit to Orlando Florida and view both new property developments and resale homes. You may know what style of property or condo you want or you may wish to view a wide range. We can ensure you see a good selection of properties for sale which. We can also help with arranging flights and accommodation.

Buying a property in Orlando Florida

NOW – if you wish to buy a property in Orlando Florida and you live in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland in the UK, or in the Republic of Ireland, contact us and let us help you find your dream villa. Properties for sale in Florida are waiting for you