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Waiting until everything is perfect is a trait that many people have.  In theory this sounds like a good trait in that you want things to be just right, however in practice this is a fatal flaw. 

The reason this is a fatal flaw is because you could do 50 property deals and not one of them fall into the category of being perfect in every single way.

What is more important than finding the perfect property deal is just making sure it ticks a few key boxes such as the right amount of rental yield and buying it enough below market value,  and that you have your exit strategies in place and then you should really consider just taking the plunge and doing the deal.

If you  are new to it all and you don’t have a property mentor and you still want to run the potential deal past people that are more experienced than you then I would recommend you join a top property investing forum and post details of the deal there and get advice from more experienced investors.  However, I would not post any specific details such as the area etc, instead just post the general details but make sure that nobody will be able to pin point where to deal is.  The reason I said this is that there are many very helpful property investors on these forums, but there are also, often a few unscrupulous people lurking in the back ground who will read what you have written and if they think it is a good deal, then will locate the person themselves and try and gazump you.

france property


One of the reasons that finding the perfect property deal is so hard is because for most people with this mindset, it is not just the property deal itself that needs to be perfect, it is also the finance, the builders, the mortgage broker, the solicitor, the plumber, everything needs to be perfect, this is what makes this goals of find the perfect deal so impossible.  There will normally be something that  isn’t 100% perfect with a deal and the truth is it will probably take you years of investing before you find what you consider to be the perfect property power team so trying to find it at the outset before you even start property investing or developing is going to drive you crazy.

You basically you have to strive to get as many things right as you can and you have to have, have certain things that are not compromiseable, but after that you need to do the best you can and get the best you can but be practical and logical in your approach and as long as the key things have their boxes ticked then go for it and learn and adjust as you go.