1. Know where to look. Hawaii is without a doubt one of the most beautiful locations on earth. Featuring year-round warmth, mountainous regions for hiking, and beautiful beaches for surfing and swimming, you might simply say, “Take your pick,” when it comes to locating the perfect home. However, you should research the market like you would anywhere else. What are the best areas for property value? What are the styles of homes that appeal most to you? Are the prices and fair and manageable? Will the location be conducive to your lifestyle? All these questions should be considered heavily before proceeding.

2. Don’t get in over your head. Calculate what you can afford. Take a good, hard look at your finances as well as how you intend to support yourself once you are moved in to the Islands. Hawaii can be quite expensive, so it’s important that you keep a tight watch on price and means of paying for it before moving forward.

3. Have realistic expectations. Even though Hawaii is Paradise to many, that does not mean it will be Paradise to you. That’s why visiting the Islands for 1-2 weeks is essential. You need to have realistic expectations of what the Islands can offer you, and you need to weigh that against the things you will be leaving behind.

Luxury Homes

4. Pick a home suited to your lifestyle. There is a temptation to buy the most beautiful home. A place that will make others envious at first sight. If money is no object to you, you should still proceed with caution. Don’t buy a showplace if it is not suited to your personality, expectations, and lifestyle. Choose location and home model based on how you will live in it six years down the road, not based on what you would do if given a week to party with zero obligations. Life is not one big party. Even in Hawaii!

5. Scout locations. Are you partial to city life, or would you rather be far removed from the public? Decide before you buy. Hawaii can be hard to navigate if you buy far out from civilization. Sacrifices are necessary.