Vacation Real Estate in America

One of the most significant trends that has developed in regard to real estate in the United States in the past twenty years revolves around vacation property. In the 21st century, a growing number of people within the United States — as well as an increasing share of real estate owners from abroad — are investing in vacation property. Continue reading “Vacation Real Estate in America” »

Property investments in Santa Pola

Santa Pola is situated some 12 kilometres from Alicante and very close to Alicante airport (15 minutes by car) and has 15 kilometres of fine sandy beaches. In ancient times Santa Pola was Elche’s port and managed to build up one of the biggest fishing fleets of the entire Mediterranean. Continue reading “Property investments in Santa Pola” »

Property in Almoradi

Almoradi is situated in the center of the Low, equidistant Fertile valley of Orihuela and Guardamar towns that lie in the Fertile valley and near to the Segura River. Almoradi is just twenty minutes from the coast and has a wealth of shops and facilities. Set in a valley famed for it’s orange and lemon groves yet only five minutes drive from the motorway. Continue reading “Property in Almoradi” »

Property Investor Should Be Ethical

Ethics and property investors haven’t historically always gone together. In general property professionals have a bad reputation.  It doesn’t matter if you are an estate agent, property investor, property developer or even a builder, plumber or an electrician.  Historically the image of property professionals has been severely tainted by the few (or sometimes many) rogues. Continue reading “Property Investor Should Be Ethical” »

How Can I Buy a Property in Florida?

The process of buying properties for sale in Florida is similar to the stages in buying a home in the UK. The pitfalls are also similar. It is important not to over-stretch yourself financially, and to ensure that you can afford the deposit and subsequent mortgage. Having said that, we have been amazed at how efficient the builders, pool companies, furniture dealers and mortgage providers are at making it all happen in a short space of time. In our experience, most are keen to help. Continue reading “How Can I Buy a Property in Florida?” »